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Can New Postpartum Depression Appear After a Large Baby

So far, many people think that postpartum depression is only experienced by mothers who have just given birth. In fact it turns out that this condition can be felt for months and even a year later, after the baby has grown. Do you feel experienced it? Little is already a year old, but Mother often feels tired and not excited? Take time to look deeper into this condition, let's. Maybe the fatigue you feel is a symptom of postpartum depression that comes more slowly. Depression that appears months after the baby is born Postpartum depression is generally experienced by the mother some time after the baby is born. However, through research, it was revealed that this depression can only appear some time afterwards, even after the child is more than a year old. Some mothers also claim to experience depression after weaning and stopping breastfeeding children. The exact cause of depression after giving birth is not yet known. However, this condition is more at risk for mothers who
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Mother, This Guide to Choosing Toys that are Safe for Children

Toys have an important role in stimulating children's growth and imagination, as well as training children to socialize. But did you know that not a few children have become sick or injured by their toys? Therefore, it is important to choose the right toys according to the child's age. According to one study, children who are used to playing with toys, such as building blocks or playing cars, have better physical, mental, and social health than children who only play with gadgets. The best toys for children are not always the expensive ones. In fact, there are many objects around the child that he can make toys, so parents do not have to buy them special toys. Wherever the toys come from, the most important thing is not to harm children. Criteria for Safe Toys for Children There are so many types of toys for children. Which one should you choose? At least choose toys that meet the following criteria: For toys made of fabric, you should label it fire retardant. Toys in t

3 Creative Ways to Overcome Your Bedwetting

Although it may seem embarrassing, bedwetting during sleep is a common occurrence. However, many parents are worried, even frustrated when faced with a condition that is medically called nocturnal enuresis. Basically, bedwetting during sleep is a natural thing that happens to children. So you don't need to worry too much about this condition. In addition, there are many ways how you can do to help overcome this condition. Cause of Bedwetting The cause of the child wet during sleep can not be determined with certainty. However, many doctors claim that genetic factors have the biggest influence on this problem. In addition, bedwetting during sleep can also occur because the child has a small bladder size, so it is not enough to accommodate the volume of urine produced. Another factor that may be responsible for this phenomenon is the quality of children's sleep. When they are fast asleep, children are not able to readily respond to signals from their bladders. This causes